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Following is a selection of articles written about Dr. Enos and his work.

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Horse of a Lifetime: Spelga Dam

'Fit as a Fiddle'

By Darlene Ricker
Throughout her decade-long competitive career, Spelga
Dam “never took a lame step,” said Cathy Wieschhoff, and she retired fully sound.

Cathy attributes that to Dr. Louie Enos, a former equine
surgeon from Washington state, who treats many international
mounts through his physical-mental process called Equine Manipulation Through Mind. By simultaneously changing Kate’s emotional attitude (which was linked to spinal and related issues


Healing Horses Through the Eye of the Observer

By Danielle Graham
Photos by Paulina Amador
The first time I accompanied Equine Veterinarian Louie Enos to a client’s estate and to watch him work was the summer of 2006. When we arrived at the stable, the client was just finishing her mare’s grooming. Louie first asked the owner to walk her horse around the expansive barn hallway so that he could observe how the horse moved. Once he had assessed the mare, he then asked


An Interview with Dr. Louie Enos, DVM

By Christina Zohs
Recently I had the opportunity to accompany Louie Enos on a day trip to Enumclaw where he treated two horses. To say that I was truly impressed and in awe with what he did that day is putting it mildly. The two horses that he treated were in poor condition, but at the end of their treatments they were both obviously on the road to recovery. The horse who couldn’t eat properly and was limping and in a lot of discomfort, after the treatment he was chowing


Tenino Vet Uses RSE Techniques to Heal Horses

By Steven Wyble
Last Friday afternoon, with the sun shining but the wind producing a sharp chill, equine veterinarian Louie Enos stood before Shawna Mason and her horse, Beauty, on Mason’s property in Yelm.



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