All about the people, horses, and the tremendous results of Dr. Enos' work.


"The changes during and immediately after each session were astonishing to see.  Not only did the horses' posture and attitude change, but also conformation -- actual hip and shoulder angles.  Backs got shorter, higher, straighter, stronger.  Necks (honestly!) got longer. Horses began standing square and balanced underneath themselves. It was amazing to watch."

Laura Nelson
Ocala, FL

Learning the Truth About Horses

"The first horse Louie worked on was Meg. Her soundness, her attitude, everything completely changed. She was healthier instantly and just so happy, calm and willing. I could do much more with her doing so much less, and that's the whole cake. Her training program completely changed."

Barbara Filipelli
Valley Pond Farms
Westchester County, NY

Partnership with Horses

"The magic of working with Louie is in learning about the horse's neuro-net, how the horse holds and releases emotions, and watching a horse begin to use it's body again -- something that I had never seen before or seen anyone else do."

Margo Forstrom
Hunter Valley Farm
Graham, WA



PATIENT: Oleander


Oleander is a 17 year old Danish bred Grand Prix horse. He was an alternate for England in the Olympics. Very proven and talented, but could not handle the severe fear of compression and pain. He became a "bolter" and dangerous.




In my 2 & 1/2 hour healing treatment, he was significantly transformed. He gave up major fear emotions, and pain along with its associated physical manifestation of spinal and muscle compression. He began to riding schedule shortly after.



PATIENT: White Magic


White Magic is a 10-year-old TB jumper in New York State.  The owner went thru a gamut of treatments with veterinarians, chiropractors, and acupuncturists and could not find a solution. The horse was very underweight even though feeding and care was more than adequate.  In this photo you can see the shortened neck, muscling at 50%, compressed topline, and elevated at the low back.




In a month's time the whole conformation is changed, along with weight, muscling, neck length and curvature alignment very apparently developed. The back is up and the low back even with a more full rear. The mental state was much more calm, focused with no evident pain and was riding sound and getting ready to show again.




An obvious peaked and displaced pelvis, with most of the muscling gone.




One month later, rear filled and more muscling and very close to even. Moving sound and being steadily ridden.




The horse shows a very blatant, thin, shortened compressed head and neck with evident loss of weight.




Magic gained 7 inches of new neck, curvature and muscling and a large amount of gained weight. His health quite evidently changed throughout in one month!




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